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Summer fitness: A Guide to staying slim during COVID-19

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Ever wanted that slim waist and juicy bubble butt? Are those love handles and belly pops creeping up on you? Always tempted to reach for that bag of chips despite fruits are lying around in the corner of your kitchen counter? We all know too well that while social distancing and self-isolation during this COVID-19 crisis is essential, it can also allow us to really let go of ourselves in terms of our diet and regular fitness habits. No access to gyms and our usual work-out gears.

Fear not, i've mastered many different recipes, easy work-out routines, and methods to cope with stress (Yes, stress. Stress can make people gain weight as much as it can make someone lose weight). I will be posting individual posts about these throughout this summer "guide", so please stay tuned if you'd like to achieve that 24" waist, or if you'd simply like to stay extremely healthy.

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